Finding Out Who the Father of Your Child is Before Birth

You probably hope that it will not happen to you, but unfortunately you will never be absolutely sure. You might get pregnant, but not know who the father is. In that case, you probably want to find out who the father is, so that you can contact them. You can wait until the baby is born and find out then, but the earlier you know, the better in general. That is why you might want to make use of a paternity test while pregnant. Using a paternity test that is designed to be used when still pregnant, might give you the answers you are so desperately looking for.

Is it possible to get a paternity test while pregnant?

It might sound impossible to find out who the father is if you are still pregnant, but luckily you can find out even when you are pregnant. Even if you have only been pregnant for 7 weeks, there are paternity tests that can tell you who the father is. This is absolutely perfect for people who find out about the pregnancy relatively quickly, but who do not know who the father is. These paternity tests give you a lot of extra time to help you find the father before your baby is born.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

Another question people often have when they are pregnant is whether they will get a boy or a girl. Some people prefer to not know this, but you can often know whether it will be a boy or a girl quite quickly. If you however want to know this even earlier, because you want to plan the baby shower far ahead or you want to have ample time for everything that needs to be done, there are methods to find out even quicker. One of these is the home gender test. You can easily use this to find out whether you will be having a boy or a girl. You can discover the answer to this question at only 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Paternity and gender tests

Although you might think that gender tests are more popular than paternity tests, they can both come in extremely handy. Paternity tests can give you the extra time you might want to find the father, while gender tests can also provide you with some extra time for all the stuff you want to have fixed before the baby arrives.